Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It comes in 3's

Godfather of Soul James Brown 12/25 (was 73)

Gerald Ford 12/26 (was 93)

Sudamm Husein ?? (was 68?)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Godfather of Soul dies

He was an early rock pioneer and mentor to some of today's rock legends including Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Eric Clapton and others. James Brown died early Christmas day at the age of 73. His performing career was notable. His life was NOT. Most artists are tortured and his private life was a mess. In the end he finished it a mess by pad locking his residence to his surviving wife. His lawyer and accountant have written instructions barring surviving relatives from his posessions. Maybe he wants to do something good with it like an auction for a charitable cause or museum entry. Maybe deep down he had a huge heart but it wasn't enough of a media story to ever see the light of day or too boring of one. I mean chasing his wife around the house and yard with a loaded shotgun is headline stuff! It's sad to think that someone who was so admired for his music biz trailblazing( I was NOT a fan), died with a tortured soul. We can take nothing with us except that! That should be the real commentary from Jesse Jackson if he wants to suck up more of our limelight.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

WAWA coffee goes up!

OK I've been told NOT to be Ebenezer Scrooge and just shell out the extra 10 cents for my daily 12oz Hazelnut. Excuse ME??? When will this all END. I find it most enjoyable when a longtime clerk on the graveyard shift has reached maximum burnout and starts venting about his job and life. It's only enjoyable in the sense I hear those words "Ah forget it, it's on me!" YEAH..when the last guy crashed and burned on the overnight,
I learned quote "You know what it cost the company per cup? 2 cents! I went free for about 30 days and then BOOM..he was gone! So now that dime increase is paying for 5 cups by corporate rate. The downside? The current clerk on the overnight patrol has just been promoted to overnight manager. He laughed when I told him about knowing the real price per cup of coffee at WAWA. He wasn't amused by my exploitation of the last guy. Will this guy EVER quit?? No signs yet. I can't even pull a quick switch for a larger size cup when he's used to ringing up a certain amount every day at 4:20am! It's like he reads the size of the cup when I put it down on the counter! He rings me up for the correct size! I am not sure whether I protest the corporate cost increase or some sort of new fangled corporate policy to hire semi conscious workers in the wee hours?! I long for the good old days. Dumb school kids who can't make change and don't want to be there in the first place. It's not fair, I say.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rumsfeld visits IRAQ??

OK..It has to be EGO with these guys right? The buffoon who once made the comment "You work with the military you have , not the one you WISH you had" in response to inadequate body armor for he troops a couple years back made a surprise visit to Anbar province this past weekend to visit the troops and lives he screwed up in the first place!
Save face? Closure from a high ranking position gone bad? Great weekend deal on insurgent hookers at the downtown market? Not quite sure why anyone would go into a violent war zone to rah' rah' the troops!
Maybe I could convince him to lead those Mexicans into battle. Now would be a perfect time with all those Philly/South Jersey area Taco Bell's shutting down from the E Coli scare. It's the perfect solution to save American lives. Put multiple Welcome to America' recruitment centers along the mexican borders. Get some of those huge PEDRO statues like you see at South of the Border, you know, with the smile and big sombrero? They fill out their "Why I want to be an American citizen" paperwork and are then sent for their outfits/weaponry and training. They train for about a week. They're shown how to load, shoot and reload. See! just as easy as turning over a weekwacker. Then they're activated to the frontlines. Yes, I would allow their wives and kids to live like "americans" on bases at the border until their individual missions are over. Good incentive, I say, to live and defend. Back to Rumsfeld. The guy was fired, right? What fired employee would arrive back at his/her old job for a pep rally speech. I would skip the "saving face" antics and start putting bids out to publishers for "the book". Set the banquet speaker fee AND go out into the free market and collect, like Clinton(the husband), Oliver North, Michael Milken and every buffoon before him!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

SOX deals a good thing!

JD Drew ROCKS..and is dependable. See ya later TROT. I mean, how does a conditioned professional athlete(Nixon) swing a bat, tear muscles in his arm and go on the DL for 4 months. He lost me on that one(at bat). He had to go right then and there. Here's my suggestion: If you make over a certain seven figure amount, there should be NO Disabled list. Instead, lots of BEER..OR JELLO SHOTS..OR ANYTHING to create a numbing next day hangover! A hard 40 ounce swing at a breaking pitch out of the strike zone never felt so good. If you're not quite sure what you just pulled, you can blame it on the hangover. Hurts more the next day? Disabled List? NO! It's all in the mind! Crack another cold one and suck it up..and down.

SOX sew up star shortstop: Theo cracking open the checkbook in a major way AND I appreciate that..JULIO LUGO from the Dodgers! LOVE IT! He's young and slick and hopefully will stay injury free. (insert his favorite beer HERE)..

MLB Meetings: SOX score!

MLB Meetings: SOX score!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mexican Fighters to Iraq NOW

Nobody is listening to me! Illegal aliens sneaking over the border(s)in the dead of night? Not enough in the budget for additional border patrols? Hard working mexicans searching for a better, more prosperous life in the land of the free???? OK here's my plan: Instead of border guards spread way to thin to keep em' out, construct numerous WELCOME TO THE USA US Citizen recruitment centers along several entry points to our fine country. Our Welcome centers would be just that! We would recruit new hard working citizens to our country. Our new welcome centers would resemble Walmart Super center stores. The price for citizenship: A mandatory military term in Iraq. Let's call it earned citizenship. They serve a term, they earn American citizen status. Welcome them, train them, deploy them and upon their return proclaim them american citizens. Our government spends way too much TIME and MONEY shutting human beings OUT. We descriminate against, age, color, educational levels and social levels. Let's WELCOME everyone to be US. And there's no mountain higher to climb then an earned citizenship through fighting for it literally in the military. AND did I mention, we can save more homegrown lives at the same time. It's a good plan. I just gotta figure out who's gonna show up and landscape my yard?