Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OJ "If I Did It"

The Top 10 reasons for squashed Book deal:

10). Promo tour would mess up his tee time(s)

9). Bad Karma: His dream team are all dead

8). Judge Ito can't read english

7). Judith Regan demanded sex

6). Bill O'Reilly demanded sex

5). Larry King demanded sex

4). My kids miss da' bitch

3). Rodney King called: He wants us all to get along"

2). The Buffalo Bills deny I ever played for them

1). Wouldn't correct the title: OJ: I DID DO IT"

Quote of the day 11/28

Page 17 Rolling Stone Magazine #1014 November 30,2006:

"I'd like to welcome President Clinton--and I see she's brought her husband"

Mick Jagger (on stage at Prez Clinton Foundation fundraiser NYC, 10/29)

Can this guy even vote?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ed Bradley 1941-2006

A broadcast icon is gone. The only reason I tuned to 60 minutes every week was to see the greatest interviewer I'll never be. He was totally smooth, always prepared and his class and professionalism came through in every piece. My all time favorite pieces were the recent BONO interview and an archived one with Ray Charles. They brought that one back after Ray's death a few short years ago. It was amazing to see Ray living his life at home, up close, smelling the sour milk, pouring it into the sink and even shaving. Only Ed could get that close. Ed started in Philly radio and loved music and performers, as we all do. Seeing the CBS' Ed tributes made me feel so lucky to be in the biz myself and expecially being at the same job for so long. (ZXL since 1990). I think the one small connection we might've had is that passion for what we do. He felt alive and inspired by his subjects and his audience as I am day after day. I never met him but I was surprisingly choked up over the sad news last week. Long live Ed! A person who loved and was loved!