Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mice Problem?

Now T-Bone..Granted, mice, much like every domestic pet really have no purpose in life except to annoy us but let me introduce you to the "TED BUNDY" fry-olator mice kit. It's actually homemade:

(1) bottle cap, preferably a metal Bud twist off
(3) Droplets of water to fill cap around peanut butter bait
(1) 1" strip of electrical tape
(1) Frayed end of electrical cord connected to cap
(1) wall outlet nearby

watch for smoke coming from closed silverware drawer!

Good Luck

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bordz ROCKS!

Thanks to Scott and the staff at BORDZ in Galloway for a great ski trip to Vernon.
Besides little kids pointing and giggling at me lugging around "skis" and blowing by me on the slopes on their snowboardZ it was a great time. The beer was cold! The Steelers were winning on the plasma screen and lots of H.T.A. T-Bone should've been there! Look for pictures of "old man skiing" this week on WZXL.COM. BORDZ at Risley Square Galloway, definitely a class act. Did I mention H.T.A? T-Bone you the man!

Thursday, January 05, 2006



Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I have never been entertained by parades. Is there big ca$h for being a spectacle (participant) in the MUMMERS??? My wife, from Pennsylvania, LOVES the Mummers. I don't get it. Unless it's for big prizes. I'm sure it's more constructive than acting silly drunk at an Eagles tailgate but???? The mummers are all drunk right?
I suppose everyone needs a creative outlet and not everyone can be in their
(favorite band HERE/Hollywood Blockbuster) but I don't get the whole adult dress up phenomenon in our area?
The first thing I noticed when relocating to this region over 15 years ago was how serious local residents took their "halloween?" Inflatible lawn figures? KIDS love all of it AND they should. So leave the dress up for them. We can be drunk and silly without all the goofy make up.