Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I have never been entertained by parades. Is there big ca$h for being a spectacle (participant) in the MUMMERS??? My wife, from Pennsylvania, LOVES the Mummers. I don't get it. Unless it's for big prizes. I'm sure it's more constructive than acting silly drunk at an Eagles tailgate but???? The mummers are all drunk right?
I suppose everyone needs a creative outlet and not everyone can be in their
(favorite band HERE/Hollywood Blockbuster) but I don't get the whole adult dress up phenomenon in our area?
The first thing I noticed when relocating to this region over 15 years ago was how serious local residents took their "halloween?" Inflatible lawn figures? KIDS love all of it AND they should. So leave the dress up for them. We can be drunk and silly without all the goofy make up.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Daniel Hogan said...

Steve, In order to understand the alcohol thing, one has to go back to the origin of the celebration and its New Years ritual. I'm not an historian; however, most native Philadelphians learn one way or the other about the mummers, and since it is connected someway to his or her Jungian past, it has special familia ties. From what I heard, and there are probably other variations, the tradition staarted with young ruffians who in costume would rush a neighborhood bar on New Years eve demanding to be licquored for free. Eventually, it metamorpised into what we see today; not all the players are inebriated and most take the dance quite seriously. I could go on forever on this subject; however, I'll wait to see what direction you want to take. Please respond, Daniel Hogan Villas rocks wit ZXL


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