Monday, April 21, 2014

WOW!! 50 years old???

The Who May Release New Music For 50th Anniversary

Pete Townshend has revealed that he's hoping to release some new material to celebrate the Who's 50th anniversary. He broke the news during a recent interview with Billboard, saying that he plans to dig through their archive to find anything that they may have missed in the past.

"I'm trying to [look] through my 20,000 hours of complete and utter disorganised music . . . I'll be pulling some songs out of Floss to give to Roger [Daltrey] to see if we've got enough to make an album. It might be a big waste of time, but I'm hoping there will be an album," he explained.

He also discussed the new track he recently penned for the television show The Americans:
"I wanted to keep it very simple. Here's this couple whose whole life is about duty, duty without honor, duty without explanation. There are no accolades. They're not living a lie but doing things they find hard to do. Everybody has a part of their life that's difficult to explain. For me it's why the f*ck am I in the Who?"
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Concert Review: BandFuse Rock Legends Present: EXPERIENCE HENDRIX

EXPERIENCE HENDRIX: March 22, 2014 The Concert Venue at Harrah's

A sure-fire sellout year in-year out at Atlantic City theaters was a sure fire hit once again.

This night's All-Star Lineup: Original Hendrix Experience bandmate BILLY COX, Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson, Doyle Bramhall II, Stevie Ray Vaughan's longtime drummer in Double Trouble, Chris Layton, Dweezil Zappa and it's always a treat to see Aerosmith's Brad Whitford up close from about 30 feet away!  A+++

Talented Supporting Stars: Kenny Wayne Shepherd's longtime frontman, Noah Hunt, Mato Nanji from Indigenous, Eric Gales and HENDRIX look-a-like and major "shredder" Dani Robinson  A+

The Set list: A blistering 3-hour show kicked off promptly at 9pm with a stage introduction from Janie Hendrix, The President of Experience Hendrix, LLC. She spoke of Jimi's early references to the "Electric Church."  The "Electric Church concept was the simple formula of a rockin' jam session featuring accomplished musicians to connect people by way of music!

The legendary bassist, Billy Cox the ONLY player with the exception of Jimi Hendrix himself to be an active member of both the "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" and Band Of Gypsys took center stage to Rock out STONE FREE! Guitarist, singer Dani Robinson who best resembled Jimi himself in a real back to the future' 1968 moment,  sent shivers through a sold out pack house at Harrah's Concert Venue.  The only protest I may have had was that Dani Robinson, who at one point was wailing on guitar with his tongue, was not on stage throughout the 3-hour non stop performance. I have to believe it would have taken the focus off the other all-star players.  A

My personal Hendrix Favorite moments: Eric Johnson wailing on FOXY LADY, Johnson and powerful frontman Noah Hunt performing EZY RYDER, A rockin' Hendrix classic HEAR MY TRAIN A COMIN' and the finale of RED HOUSE featuring Buddy Guy, Billy Cox and Brad Whitford! I loved the coolness of Buddy Guy performing the Muddy Waters classic, LOUISIANA BLUES! WOW! A+++

Stage energy: From the opening featuring Cox and Robinson, to Eric Johnson, Eric Gales, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd wailing on his axe' one-handed at times, the players appeared to feeling the high of performing the rock God that is Jimi Hendrix. Johnson remarked to the audience "what a gift it was to be present and able to perform that music for us!" A+

Crowd Response: Like most casino audiences, it was a sit down affair. At times, various performers had to remind people they were at a rock concert and they appreciated a rowdy response. It was clearly a sold out theater of classic rock enthusiasts who appreciated the level of play on stage. C+

Overall: The music of Jimi Hendrix will never fade or lose its appeal. It has transcended generations of fans! From 17-70, the house was rockin' to EXPERIENCE HENDRIX! A+

Thanks to the legendary Billy Cox and his lovely wife who chatted with us for a time before show even posing with my resident 19 year old Hendrix fan for a picture. Billy is a total class act who not only performed flawlessly but had free time for any fan wanting to get close. He does this every night!!!!!A++++

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Concert Review: THE MACHINE

The Machine-Levoy Theater 11/9/13

PINK FLOYD fans in the Southern New Jersey and Tri-state region are no longer worried that the originators of this music some 46 years ago have been caught up in a 33 year disconnect. THE MACHINE took a packed house at the Levoy Theater in Millville, NJ back in a 40 year time warp! WOW! I personally felt overjoyed to be strapped in my seat and being transported back to the "dark side" of 1973! I was sitting in a Pink Floyd concert watching the band in it's youthful heyday! I felt young and carefree!

THE MACHINE featured a high-powered 19-song set spanning the decades of the iconic fathers of ethereal ROCK, Pink FLOYD! OK, let's look beyond the opening number, Have a Cigar, select cuts from The Dark Side Of The Moon including Speak To Me/Breathe and Time to The Final Cut, a radio station fan requested Shine On (You Crazy Diamond) Parts I-V, and a fully sensory satisfying version of Pigs (Three Different Ones). A++

The second set after a brief intermission spanned the decades in flow to a perfect cadence. MONEY opened from the 1973 iconic release Dark Side Of The Moon (1973), then a time machine visit to the 1980's with The Happiest Days OF Our Lives/Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2. From 1980, our pleasurable journey made a brief stop to 1994 and What Do You Want From Me (The Division Bell release) then we were off into the stratosphere, feeling tremendous G-Force, landing on my birthday, October 25, 1969, the day of release for Ummagguma and a totally cool Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun!

Can we get another.........WOW!   A++

The Encore: One Of These dAYS!!! Run Like Hell from the WALL! My favorite instrumental from seasoned musicians in present day giving a proper rite of passage AND life to timeless Rock classics enjoyed by a crowd from 12-70**

The Crowd: Families! Generations of Pink Floyd fans. Dads and young teenage sons and daughters wearing matching Pink Floyd t-shirts and jackets! Couples on date night with matching Floyd attire. I was standing in the lobby before show when a white haired gentleman shuffled by ever so slowly in a metal walker for assistance. He was wearing a Dark Side Of The Moon T-Shirt and matching hoodie!  They roared and sang all around me, all evening! A++

Thanks to promoter Bob Rose for his hospitality! Lauren at the Levoy Theater and WZXL radio listeners who participated in our request a song from the band contest, John Baker, Taylor Henry and Al Reichebach.

WHAT a fantastic experience! The MACHINE is the real deal  A+++