Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saw A FANTASTIC Band at ZXL's Bayfest

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ron Wood RoCKS Solo A.C. 4/21/12

Ron Wood, the longtime rhythm  guitar impressario of the ROLLING STONES (since 1975), took on his FIRST solo performance ever in the United Stations in a one time-only show at the GOLDEN Nugget, Atlantic City. To support an unbelieveable art exhibit of skilled portraits by the axman (see photo, below), Wood and friends RoCKED the Grand Theater (formerly the Grand Cayman Ballroom), Atlantic City for one hour and 40 minutes of Blues, Reggae a blistering version of the Stones It's Only Rock N Roll (But I like it) ..AND and encore close of STAY WiTH ME by the legendary Rod Stewart and Faces!   REVIEW:

The Band: Chuck Leavelle, 35-year keyboardist of the Rolling Stones! Bernard Fowler of The Stones singing lead and back up vocals (he can front his own band)** Steve Jordan on Drums!  A+

In a Word: M-a-g-i-c-a-l

The Songs: MOSTLY tasty, yet unfamiliar blues and reggae songs that do NOT get mass appeal exposure interspersed with some famous covers, The Face's I Know I'm Losing You, Stay With Me and The Rolling Stones cover of It's ONLY Rock N Roll (But, I Like it).  The latter, being one of the greatest honky tonk blues songs ever recorded.   I am not nor ever have been a fan of the reggae beat. B+

Stage Show: Wood seemed boyish, child-like playful and engaged the audience with enthusiasm and Rock Cred'   A+

Chuck on keys! A+

Bernard Fowler! A+  

Other supporting musicians: A

Summary: The art exhibit was a sweet tie-in to a rockin' performance of a talented musician. This was a show Mick Jagger would not like to see! Ronnie has some great songs that don't make The Rolling Stones setlist of hits and Bernard Fowler, nothing more than a background vocalist, player in The Stones was a talented, energetic fun and engaging front man! Seeing these talented players in there own light, stretching their musical and creative capabilities is why the more famous guys strive to keep the bands active, recording, touring etc (Jagger)*

I DON'T pay for my concert tickets locally BUT I would certainly do so out of market to see this talented ensemble AGAIN!   A