Saturday, February 23, 2013

WHO Quadrophenia and more concert

ROCKIN' a Friday night in WHOville'

Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City RoCKED with the timeless classic rock of THE WHO!

Opening Act: Vintage Trouble, Rockin' Soul group from LA California. GREAT energy and musicianship BUT unnecessary* The legendary status of THE WHO doesn't require opening support; Bummed that I rushed through a great dinner nearby. However: glad to have caught the eye of a nearby listener (Dave) who insisted he buy me a beer* A on the beer  D+ on the intrusion of an opening act that I showed up for thinking The WHO was going on at 7:30.(hell, that's great, because they're old, I told wife)**

SetList: Quadrophenia in it's entirety then the hits! A

Favorite song: 5:15 LoVE it! Taped it on my phone and loaded it on Facebook feed at 100.7 WZXL

Video: D-  (did not realize you can hold the phone upside down recording-sorry)**

Performers: Daltry! Townshend! Ringo's kid-Zack Starkey on drums! B+

would have given frontman an A but Daltry's voice was faltering at best, hitting certain notes* 

Three keynoardists needed for Quadrephenia story and it worked, Brass section outstanding bringing the production front and center. A

Crowd: Sold Out! Enthusiastic! White-haired smokers passing a joint to each other right in front of us!@^^!!
Sang along with the familiar songs. Baba O'reily and 5:15 really loud (check out video loaded on FB)
Audience participation: B+

To those who saw The WHO in concert with the entire band intact, Entwhistle, Moon-I SaLUTE you! BUT I had a fantastic time seeing the surviving (2) do it up for the crowd one more time!

Overall:  B

Monday, February 04, 2013

GOOD Stuff..  GOOD stuff..Check it out!

Solid GROUND track is Rockin' A Humble Pie vocal vibe or even a Faces' throwback wail'