Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro gone

They say it happens in 3's:

1). Lassie

2). Baretta's Cockatoo (Fred)

3). Barbaro

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Holding my wee Pt. 2

I'd rather risk credit card intoxication and BUY the damn thing!

Holding my wee for a wii?

First of all what is a Wii and why do I have to hold it?

Monday, January 15, 2007

CHARGERS Lose??!#!#?!?!

Mistake(s) kill Chargers:

You cannot intercept a pass from a playoff / Super Bowl champion battle-tested QB, then fumble the ball on the return and hand it right back to the PSBBTQB and NOT have bad things happen! Enter the heavily favored CHARGERS who had the Patriots stumbling and mumbling for most of the game. Tomlinson was the tank that earned him NFL MVP honors. Brady intercepted three times, a personal playoff record for himself BUT you cannot make mistakes or miss 50 yard FGA and give HIM more chances! Patriots move on to noisy Indy. Tomlinson goes home to stare at MVP trophy. Pats and Brady better get in sync for Colts because they make few if any mistakes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Donovan relieved!

There's been many a superstar athlete gone down (by injury) to then have to sit and watch his BACKUP lead the charges on a long win streak and onto a championship. Only to put his team in the awful predicament when his return to action is eminent. DONOVAN McNAB almost became THAT GUY! Having to watch a six game winning streak develop without his gifted presence had to be an eerie feeling for him. To actually thing he would have to earn his way back as a starter next season and compete against a backup had to be running through his mind. Therefore, there's no reason to believe he was NOT rooting for a breakdown for his team. I certainly would've been THAT GUY! For someone, my backup, to prove capable in the first place is number one. To motivate the troops to a win streak and maybe another Super Bowl appearance is another thing. A VICTORY in the Super Bowl would be unthinkable. I would have to compete to get my old job back! Rest comfortably #5, the football gods were on your side. You'll be able to waltz back in there, scramble about and lead your team to another 6-10 showing!

Go Patriots!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why show up in the first place???

Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli resigned abruptly this morning 1/3/07 amid investor uncertainty despite increased profit (yet poor stock performance). OK. Call me the IDIOT here. Nardelli, upon securing his new deal back in 2000, also orchestrated a total $210 MILLION golden parachute package should he fail. OK..The job pays what?
And my EXIT package will pay out WHAT?? Hummm..(Calculator out). I must accomplish this level of success (increased profit in the global market) within a certain time frame (I DID IT! profits increased 2000-2006). Now being the top dog, I also know I'm at the mercy of people who don't like me (competitors, board members, employees). Just thinking..what if I have too much success, and they want to keep me around?? That can't be good! I once saw HOMER SIMPSON take a dump on his boss' desk to get fired. Not quite sure if it worked. It was a dream sequence and he woke up. Let's be creative here. Board scandal? Insider trading? NO..(jail). Screw working! I want that exit package.
You know? Home Depot sucks! I mean any real job sucks! I didn't dream of selling hammers when dad was taking me to see THE MICK at the stadium in the 50's. Working in a hardware store? Being the boss at the Hardware store?? I don't think so..I'll wait for Phil Rizzuto to go into broadcasting and take second base for the bombers!
I don't know what it pays. Maybe I'll work in a hardware store wearing an apron in the offseason for extra money? But as a career??? Not a chance!
Back to 2007:
OK. enough of this sh^*^&$%T! That doophus in isle six keeps asking me about copper tubing vs. plastic. I'm the BOSS here! I get a cool 200 mil just for getting fired!
I'll take it! Maybe I'll go up in the cherry picker one more time in LUMBER. No, here.. take the FU&$%&^&*$@#KIN' apron and put it where the Board of directors keep their heads most of the time! There's an old saying: WORK is for people that don't know how to play GOLF!"