Sunday, January 14, 2007

Donovan relieved!

There's been many a superstar athlete gone down (by injury) to then have to sit and watch his BACKUP lead the charges on a long win streak and onto a championship. Only to put his team in the awful predicament when his return to action is eminent. DONOVAN McNAB almost became THAT GUY! Having to watch a six game winning streak develop without his gifted presence had to be an eerie feeling for him. To actually thing he would have to earn his way back as a starter next season and compete against a backup had to be running through his mind. Therefore, there's no reason to believe he was NOT rooting for a breakdown for his team. I certainly would've been THAT GUY! For someone, my backup, to prove capable in the first place is number one. To motivate the troops to a win streak and maybe another Super Bowl appearance is another thing. A VICTORY in the Super Bowl would be unthinkable. I would have to compete to get my old job back! Rest comfortably #5, the football gods were on your side. You'll be able to waltz back in there, scramble about and lead your team to another 6-10 showing!

Go Patriots!


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