Wednesday, December 06, 2006

SOX deals a good thing!

JD Drew ROCKS..and is dependable. See ya later TROT. I mean, how does a conditioned professional athlete(Nixon) swing a bat, tear muscles in his arm and go on the DL for 4 months. He lost me on that one(at bat). He had to go right then and there. Here's my suggestion: If you make over a certain seven figure amount, there should be NO Disabled list. Instead, lots of BEER..OR JELLO SHOTS..OR ANYTHING to create a numbing next day hangover! A hard 40 ounce swing at a breaking pitch out of the strike zone never felt so good. If you're not quite sure what you just pulled, you can blame it on the hangover. Hurts more the next day? Disabled List? NO! It's all in the mind! Crack another cold one and suck it up..and down.

SOX sew up star shortstop: Theo cracking open the checkbook in a major way AND I appreciate that..JULIO LUGO from the Dodgers! LOVE IT! He's young and slick and hopefully will stay injury free. (insert his favorite beer HERE)..


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