Tuesday, May 30, 2006

CBS Crew dead 5/29

In all my years in broadcasting, (that's 28), I've NEVER been able to get inside the head of a NEWS "reporter. What DON'T they understand that human beings especially the American public is more interested in celebrity babies and bad behavior than "hard" life threatening stories from the frontlines. We LOVE the juicy details of Nick Leshay's email from Jessica that their marriage was over. Angelina had her baby???? AWESOME!

How about Brittany Spears driving around with her kid in lap instead of the carseat. Now THAT'S news we want to hear! Yet, serious news journalists risk life and limb to tell us the stories behind enemy lines. It might be an integrity issue or a noble stand for the truth but the truth is you're only traumatizing your family with the news of your death. Is it worth it? Is it worth it to go embedded and tell the "real story" that very few people can relate to or have interest in hearing? Is it the money? Can't be the FAME angle. Fluff reporters get more fame and money. The bravery is admirable but the cost for an untrained civilian journalist falling in a violent setting is NOT worth it! On second thought maybe Ryan Seacrest can be this guy. He's untrained, right?


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