Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mexican Fighters to Iraq NOW

Nobody is listening to me! Illegal aliens sneaking over the border(s)in the dead of night? Not enough in the budget for additional border patrols? Hard working mexicans searching for a better, more prosperous life in the land of the free???? OK here's my plan: Instead of border guards spread way to thin to keep em' out, construct numerous WELCOME TO THE USA US Citizen recruitment centers along several entry points to our fine country. Our Welcome centers would be just that! We would recruit new hard working citizens to our country. Our new welcome centers would resemble Walmart Super center stores. The price for citizenship: A mandatory military term in Iraq. Let's call it earned citizenship. They serve a term, they earn American citizen status. Welcome them, train them, deploy them and upon their return proclaim them american citizens. Our government spends way too much TIME and MONEY shutting human beings OUT. We descriminate against, age, color, educational levels and social levels. Let's WELCOME everyone to be US. And there's no mountain higher to climb then an earned citizenship through fighting for it literally in the military. AND did I mention, we can save more homegrown lives at the same time. It's a good plan. I just gotta figure out who's gonna show up and landscape my yard?


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