Tuesday, December 19, 2006

WAWA coffee goes up!

OK I've been told NOT to be Ebenezer Scrooge and just shell out the extra 10 cents for my daily 12oz Hazelnut. Excuse ME??? When will this all END. I find it most enjoyable when a longtime clerk on the graveyard shift has reached maximum burnout and starts venting about his job and life. It's only enjoyable in the sense I hear those words "Ah forget it, it's on me!" YEAH..when the last guy crashed and burned on the overnight,
I learned quote "You know what it cost the company per cup? 2 cents! I went free for about 30 days and then BOOM..he was gone! So now that dime increase is paying for 5 cups by corporate rate. The downside? The current clerk on the overnight patrol has just been promoted to overnight manager. He laughed when I told him about knowing the real price per cup of coffee at WAWA. He wasn't amused by my exploitation of the last guy. Will this guy EVER quit?? No signs yet. I can't even pull a quick switch for a larger size cup when he's used to ringing up a certain amount every day at 4:20am! It's like he reads the size of the cup when I put it down on the counter! He rings me up for the correct size! I am not sure whether I protest the corporate cost increase or some sort of new fangled corporate policy to hire semi conscious workers in the wee hours?! I long for the good old days. Dumb school kids who can't make change and don't want to be there in the first place. It's not fair, I say.


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