Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rumsfeld visits IRAQ??

OK..It has to be EGO with these guys right? The buffoon who once made the comment "You work with the military you have , not the one you WISH you had" in response to inadequate body armor for he troops a couple years back made a surprise visit to Anbar province this past weekend to visit the troops and lives he screwed up in the first place!
Save face? Closure from a high ranking position gone bad? Great weekend deal on insurgent hookers at the downtown market? Not quite sure why anyone would go into a violent war zone to rah' rah' the troops!
Maybe I could convince him to lead those Mexicans into battle. Now would be a perfect time with all those Philly/South Jersey area Taco Bell's shutting down from the E Coli scare. It's the perfect solution to save American lives. Put multiple Welcome to America' recruitment centers along the mexican borders. Get some of those huge PEDRO statues like you see at South of the Border, you know, with the smile and big sombrero? They fill out their "Why I want to be an American citizen" paperwork and are then sent for their outfits/weaponry and training. They train for about a week. They're shown how to load, shoot and reload. See! just as easy as turning over a weekwacker. Then they're activated to the frontlines. Yes, I would allow their wives and kids to live like "americans" on bases at the border until their individual missions are over. Good incentive, I say, to live and defend. Back to Rumsfeld. The guy was fired, right? What fired employee would arrive back at his/her old job for a pep rally speech. I would skip the "saving face" antics and start putting bids out to publishers for "the book". Set the banquet speaker fee AND go out into the free market and collect, like Clinton(the husband), Oliver North, Michael Milken and every buffoon before him!


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah just like WHOOPS I really *&^%$# up . OH well sorry Thanks for playin. Now let me collect my retirement and free health care and move on with my life while we parents just pray that are children make it out of there alive. Thanks alot Rummy for being a real big piece of &^%$.


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