Sunday, August 30, 2009

How true??

When you know U have no life and yer' hopelessly addicted to FACEBOOK:

I just took the test: How True a New Englander are You? Results: A True New Englander"

Come again? I hate COLD! I really hate SNOW! Foliage?? I would trade year round palm trees at any opportunity. I do hate A-ROD so I scored major points there.

My results should've been: Hasn't been a New Englander since 1978"

If you're from there, take the test on FB

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A true legend

He rose above the curse of "the last name", the scrutiny, the microscope in his political and personal life. Who held up the family when he stood at the funerals of his siblings? HE did. Who was the first presence on the search and recovery vessel for JFK Jr. 10 years ago? The Senator.. He was the rock for his family. He was the WALL who protected them from the same scrutiny and tabloidism that came from the "Kennedy" name. He was a survivor. Despite his inherited weath, he fought for the people who didn't have his means. He loved and was devoted to his work and making America a better place for all of us. AND America is better because of him.