Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Morning WAKE UP!

Rolling Stones Some Girls-LIVE in Texas, 78'

Hosted the one night only cinema release back on RoCKtober 18th AND Cranking the newly released DVD in the home tray NOW! ROCK ON! Here's hoping for a 50th Anniversary Tour in 2012. Fingers and Toes crossed....................

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Alice COOPER Concert review!

ALICE COOPER: No MoRe Mr. Nice Guy>December 2, 2011

Warm up: After UK Alt Rockers Livan performed a GREAT hard ROCKIN' Rhythmic set featuring a fantastic drummer and lead, ALICE'S latest release Welcome 2 My Nightmare was tracked over the house speakers! I am Made of You and Congregation REALLY ROCKED over the high quality house speakers, setting our appetite for a high energy show that he promised in my interview:

BoldBlack Widow! GREAT show open and theatrics! A

ONE HIT AFTER ANOTHER: Simply put, a guy sitting in back of me who I didn't know and I never turned around to see, kept commenting to his party: "He has SO many hits, he could play all night!" This is Awesome!" A+

THE BAND: Lead by high-powered guitars and a super performance by Aussie ORIENTHI and rocket engine drumming of Glen Sobel: A+

COOPER THEATRICS: Frankenstein! The Guillotine! The Snake! The blow up doll! (I got the same one at home, I mean, wait..nevermind)* The Top hat! The Flyers "18 Cooper" Jersey! A+

WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE: I'LL BITE YOUR FACE OFF Rocked it for me! WHAT a song and done live through massive sound system had the crowd in a frenzy! A++

MY Personal highlight: ELECTED! I bought the 45 rpm in 1972 AND I was NOT disappointed in 2011!! WOW! He could have worn a Boston Bruins rather than a Flyers jersey BUT a great touch to the local market! A

Alice Cooper is Ageless and relevant in 2011. Welcome 2 My Nightmare ROCKS and would make a GREAT Christmas stocking stuffer gift..The tour leg ends December 16th and resumes in June 2012! WORTH the ticket* A+