Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aerosmith Atlantic City Review 8/28

..Aerosmith Atlantic City> Review:

These guys are ageless!

Setlist: opened with Back In the Saddle: B

Deep cut added: No More, No More from 1975's Toys In The Attic: (personal fav since 75') A

Energy level: NOT quite Boston but great showmanship! They LOVE what they do and it shows: A+

Steven Tyler: Boundless energy, ageless wonder, great look/dress: A++

The Band: Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford background players BUT masters: B+

Keyboardist: Russ Irwin highlighted on Dream On'..I preferred Tyler on piano to launch encore set: (Boston): B

Joey Kramer: powerful player A+

Joe Perry segment on Stop Messin' Around: (I attended show for this song)* A+

AC Crowd: ho-hum and sat down completely during lesser hits: C-

ZXL's Pre concert party: lots of Aerosmith enthusiasm and ZXL beach balls everywhere: A+

ZXL ticket winners: enjoyed meeting them in our row (the best): A+

ItalicSPECIAL Thanks: Mindy Bell; Michael James; ZXL Promo team Matt & Desiree'

Overall: (Great Aerosmith weekend): A++

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The REAL Aerosmith: Hurry up Saturday! (8/28)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hooters celebrate 30 years!

The Hooters were the featured act at the ZXL Margate ROCK Festival 2010.

The bandmates found one and other as far back as 1970 and formed in the late 1970's. 1980, the band would begin a 30 year odyssey of writing, recording, touring AND never allowing their own heads or feet leave the ground. They LOVE their friends AND love their fans even more. They tasted international pop stardom in 1985 with the release of And We Danced. They wrote the song Time After Time, made famous by Cyndi Lauper in the 80's and IF God Was One Of Us' recorded in the mid nineties by Joan Osbourne. To this day they enjoy a rabid following throughout Europe and in Germany in particular. They just returned from Germany and a European summer tour to share with their local fans at the WZXL Margate Rock Festival 2010. The yearly event raises money for Gold Foundation charities locally ($2.7 Mill raised since 1987). WZXL was proud to be associated with a great Sunday night of ROCK and Fireworks attended by an estimateD 10,000 people. Concert Review:

Song selection: All the 80's hits and those written for others: A

Concert support staff: VERY accommodating with backstage full access to performers: A

The Band: VERY accommodating, friendly and thankful for the airtime..AND it threw me through a loop because I WAS thankful for the interview time they gave me. Together we really "hyped" on the air together about rain or shine performance when threatening weather set in.
I really admire the down to earth nature of these guys with media and fans: A++

Drummer Dave Uosikkinen is my newest friend on Facebook..thanks Dave for the great interview and hang' in Margate: A++

Police security team: Accomodating and friendly: A

WZXL Promotions team: They really helped me on stage and in the crowd and setting up: A+

Post show fireworks after show: Spectacular effort over the water: A

Thanks to Mindy and Wendy for all the photo coverage: A+

Little kids at the show: Always AVOID at all costs. AND it usually makes the parents nasty because they have responsibilities and can't DRINK: D-

Overall: A

Next concert review: Aerosmith/special guest Sammy Hagar Saturday August 28th: Can't wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aerosmith ROCKS Fenway Park!"

Saturday August 14, 2010 Boston, Ma. Concert Review:

I've seen concerts..Seen Aerosmith shows since 1976 AND Never like this one!
Aerosmith with Special hometown guests The J. Geils Band ROCKED Fenway Park:

The J. Geils Band: Master showman Peter Wolf smoked his hometown fans with unceasing energy and charisma: A

J. Geils Rockin' Blues playlist plus the hits had people dancing in their seats! A

9:01>The curtain goes up for Aerosmith with a blazing Train Kept a Rollin' (not to be outdone by the blues-rockin' opening act..AND they weren't)! A

80'S List followed with Love In An Elevator and Living on the Edge: B

90'S List>Pink, I Don't Want to Miss A Thing C- (I cringe at the chick rock string of hits)**

Joe Perry Jamming out Stop Messing Around with his sons WAS my highlight..WOW! A+

Steven Tyler LOOK/SHOWMANSHIP/ENERGY/AFFECTION for his fans unmatched! A++

Closed the set with: DRAW THE LINE! My #2 highlight of the night! The hair on my back was standing up! Had serious chills on the power of this song, NEVER saw them do it live in my previous dozen shows attended: A+++

Encore: Dream On>Sung from high atop the green monster! Steven wearing a RED SOX home jersey and showing his chops on piano: A+

Walk This Way>HO hum for me as I hear it almost every day BUT the crowd was rockin': B

Merch: Overpriced but on par for concert go'ers: $45.00 Tees; J. Geils: $35.00 MANY in the crowd, at my hotel and at the airport going home! C

Overall: (Show)>A++

Draft beer: $8.50 !

Red Sox Gift store across street from ballpark: Prices O-U-T-rageous..

I bought a $10.00 Red Sox Tee at Quincy Market..because I'm that guy!

Next up: Aerosmith with Special guest Sammy Hagar Atlantic City 8/28> I will compare with the Boston show BUT doubt I'll get the Boston show! CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


..Bringing BACK the memories! HEART returned to Atlantic City last night and ROCKED me back to 1976! With new, younger band mates and two women who defy the aging process, I was transported back in time (like this picture, circa 1992)..making me once again thankful and blessed to do what I do and be up close and personal to this high-powered ROCK N' ROLL band! Having been a major fan since high school and have stood for pictures through several past tours this concert review will be biased but totally honest:
Here goes:
Open: Rockin' Cook with Fire from 1978's Dog And Butterfly release: (I would have chosen Kick It OUT! B+ or White Lightning & Wine A); C+

Rockin' version of Heartless! B+

Even it UP meshed with chords to Gimme Shelter WOW! A+++

Dog & Butterfly: Very funky syncopated clock-disney Peter Pan keyboard effects by Keyboardist Deb Shair blending this 70's rock ballad, very creative B+

New songs: Red Velvet Car; C+
W.T.F. B
Banging HITS! Crazy On You, Magic Man, Barracuda; A

Encore: Zeps' What Is And What Should Never Be/ The Who's Love Reign O'er Me A+

The Band: younger, hipper, VERY contemporary AND cool; A

Ann Wilson: Ageless; Crowd interaction good; STILL brings the goods, vocal range a gift from God; A+

Nancy Wilson: STILL looks awesome and is a powerful player A+

Energy: A+

Seating: CLOSE! Not a bad seat in the house at the intimate Circus Maximus Theatre at Caesars! (sat low but too far right)* B-

Overall: The 35 year song history (hits) combined with a fresh, youthful band of musicians and styles really made me feel I was watching my first Heart concert at the Hartford Civic Center, 1978!

Grade: A