Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aerosmith Atlantic City Review 8/28

..Aerosmith Atlantic City> Review:

These guys are ageless!

Setlist: opened with Back In the Saddle: B

Deep cut added: No More, No More from 1975's Toys In The Attic: (personal fav since 75') A

Energy level: NOT quite Boston but great showmanship! They LOVE what they do and it shows: A+

Steven Tyler: Boundless energy, ageless wonder, great look/dress: A++

The Band: Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford background players BUT masters: B+

Keyboardist: Russ Irwin highlighted on Dream On'..I preferred Tyler on piano to launch encore set: (Boston): B

Joey Kramer: powerful player A+

Joe Perry segment on Stop Messin' Around: (I attended show for this song)* A+

AC Crowd: ho-hum and sat down completely during lesser hits: C-

ZXL's Pre concert party: lots of Aerosmith enthusiasm and ZXL beach balls everywhere: A+

ZXL ticket winners: enjoyed meeting them in our row (the best): A+

ItalicSPECIAL Thanks: Mindy Bell; Michael James; ZXL Promo team Matt & Desiree'

Overall: (Great Aerosmith weekend): A++


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