Sunday, August 08, 2010


..Bringing BACK the memories! HEART returned to Atlantic City last night and ROCKED me back to 1976! With new, younger band mates and two women who defy the aging process, I was transported back in time (like this picture, circa 1992)..making me once again thankful and blessed to do what I do and be up close and personal to this high-powered ROCK N' ROLL band! Having been a major fan since high school and have stood for pictures through several past tours this concert review will be biased but totally honest:
Here goes:
Open: Rockin' Cook with Fire from 1978's Dog And Butterfly release: (I would have chosen Kick It OUT! B+ or White Lightning & Wine A); C+

Rockin' version of Heartless! B+

Even it UP meshed with chords to Gimme Shelter WOW! A+++

Dog & Butterfly: Very funky syncopated clock-disney Peter Pan keyboard effects by Keyboardist Deb Shair blending this 70's rock ballad, very creative B+

New songs: Red Velvet Car; C+
W.T.F. B
Banging HITS! Crazy On You, Magic Man, Barracuda; A

Encore: Zeps' What Is And What Should Never Be/ The Who's Love Reign O'er Me A+

The Band: younger, hipper, VERY contemporary AND cool; A

Ann Wilson: Ageless; Crowd interaction good; STILL brings the goods, vocal range a gift from God; A+

Nancy Wilson: STILL looks awesome and is a powerful player A+

Energy: A+

Seating: CLOSE! Not a bad seat in the house at the intimate Circus Maximus Theatre at Caesars! (sat low but too far right)* B-

Overall: The 35 year song history (hits) combined with a fresh, youthful band of musicians and styles really made me feel I was watching my first Heart concert at the Hartford Civic Center, 1978!

Grade: A


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