Monday, May 27, 2013

Concert Review: MOTLEY CRUE 5/25/13

Concert Review: MOTLEY CRUE 5/25/13, Taj Mahal, Etess Arena/

100.7 ZXL ROCKS The Crue' to kick off summer!

SHOW Intro: Countdown clock to launch! LOUD crunching, pulsating sound! Mysterious demons in RED with megaphones calling out to the legendary ROCK Gods to appear:(insert): A++

Opened with Saints of Los Angeles from their most recent (2008) release: C

STRICTLY my opinion here BUT the pre-concert intro of Loud, chest cavity circulatory system thumping hair raising bass volume, a countdown clock, fog machines working overtime and mysterious Rock babes chanting, reminiscent of the Tom Cruise movie classic Eyes Wide Shut'(above)* should have signaled a hard hitting kick off of Wild Side or even Shout At The DevilSaint's is a decent song but never found an audience to begin with. I say: when in doubt, play a hit. They weren't in doubt, of course, but I would have preferred a hard rockin' classic to stoke the mood of the evening.

Playlist: Covered the decades of HITS, near misses' and a new selection called SEXB+

Fantastic job on all-time faves' Kickstart My Heart and Girls, Girls, Girls! A+

Did NOT play my personal IPOD faves' Ten Seconds To Love and Looks That Kill W.T.F??!! D-

Highlight of my night: Meeting ZXL contest winners with a bag of CRUE CD's and chatting it up. They had qualified for a ride on Tommy Lee's coaster during the show! NOT sure who was picked by Tommy to go...................ZXL Greatest Listeners in the world: A+

Highlight #2: My wife's FIRST CRUE show! Loves Tommy Lee! We sat about 12 feet from the stage! A+


Tommy Lee's 360 Drum Rollercoaster: A

Mick Mars Guitar solo including Jimi Hendrix RIFF to start: A+

Nikki Sixx Bass: VERY engaging with audience! A;  1985 called, they want their war paint back: C

Girls, Girls, Girls! A+++

Vince Neil: GREAT Front man! Energetic and crowd engaging: A+     Voice: C+

CROWD: Not a sellout BUT loud and dressed up Crue' style having fun SO you would NEVER know! South Jersey Loves 1985 and LOVES the CRUE! A+

Note: Jerkoff Latin Suave' ladies man in 3rd row next to me constantly having to step over and on my feet to bring back double-fists of overpriced beer! Constantly! NUT case, (insert expletive), half my size, greasy  (expletive), bud well kept with nice navel chain and fake? diamond earring. Could have been a ringleader of a cartel SO I said nothing and dealt with it. sweet looking gf?? GO figure! LOL  F-

Overall: GREAT experience! GREAT songs! QUALITY performers! A

Thanks to LIVE NATION Staff: M. Lessner and J. Sutcliff for show accommodations*

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

O-u-t to pasture....

I DON'T even follow Pro football BUT would set my remote clicker to 8pm Sunday nights for the Sunday Night Football opening theme song. I would then immediately turn the channel for my regular Sunday night viewing (Showtime)* It has now been reported the old dame is out AND in with the new