Monday, April 16, 2007

Jackie Robinson Tribute

Make one thing clear: There's a shortage of african-americans in baseball today because there's a MINOR LEAGUE SYSTEM! I don't care what color a gifted athlete is,
he/she would rather chose the KOBE way and go straight to the TOP! Who in their right mind would want to pay dues if they didn't have to! I would NOT settle on or deal with 10 hour bus trips, sub par playing surfaces and small pay to "hopefully"
make it to the big time in three or four years! It doesn't happen that way in the NBA or NFL for that matter. You're drafted and you're signed AND you compete for a job. Make it or break it. The NBA is where it's at for todays youth. GIVE IT TO ME NOW! And that's why fewer black athletes are selecting BASEBALL.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rev. Al Sharpton

Who IS Al Sharpton and HOW did he get his own show??? That's the big question here!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

BUSH-wacked again!

Tough week for the Prez! First, his forehead is "stiletto-heeled" by Nancy Polosi. Polosi is convinced peace process can be attained by establishing mid east dialog and communication! It's a different theory than we power-wielding Americans are used to AND now...

Bush announces his illegal immigrant proposal for citizenship. He proposes they can come here for a period then return to their homeland and pay an exorbitant tax for the right to be a US citizen.

A major Mexicali outrage has ensued AND a rally of angry immigrants is set for Los Angeles.

OK, Washington, here's my plan again: Construct mega Welcome centers along key border patrol points. Set up those big lines of velvet ropes like you see when arriving at ports for your cruise. Maybe a cool food court (taco bell?) and a picture guy to snap the family against a Statue of liberty backdrop (They use palm trees and mickey mouse for cruise tourists). Then..
sign all males 18 and over for mandatory military duty in Iraq. Train em', Send em' and IF they make it back after a designated tour of duty they and family have earned U.S. citizenship. We need to embrace foreigners as friends who want what we have. The American way is to shut anyone different o-u-t. They serve-They deserve'.. Any foreigner wanting to be "us" should have the opportunity to be one of us! We can then over tax the hell out of them legitimately. They'll endure outrageous property-school-FICA taxes and see what freedom is all about LOL!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bush on Pelosi

Has President Bush loss total control? A woman is stepping over the COMMANDER and initiating peaces talks with Syria! What's next? This never happened on the West Wing!
Is she really initiating a sneak attack(exploratory look)Hillary side step and a run on the 2008 ticket?? What if SHE causes PEACE? Will the Prez need to resort to extreme political measures to restore the strife and mayhem we americans are used to? Does she know the snake pit she's stepping into with the henchmen who don't want peace? This is about politics and money and deals. War is money. War is about deals and money and "the game." Washington LOVES "the game"! At the expense of us!Maybe there's money to be made in the "peace" game? Would we trade flex and ego for peace? I DON'T see it. Maybe we should look into it!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hillary rakes it in..

It's what's wrong with our police state and it's why everyone "outside our walls" hates us!
Hillary Clinton, it has been announced has just shattered all previous presidential fund raising records. She has raked in $26 million dollars including $3 mill off the internet in the first 3 months of 2007. Clinton, embarassed and humiliated by the future first hubby in 1998 appears to be on a fast track for paybacks. Her fundraising prowess is sending a message to all "comers", no NOT you Monica--challengers to the oval office class of 2008!

It would appear that nobody could screw up the country more than the guy who's in there now but in case the "ice queen" can sail through to the big chair, this would be my Top 10 list for her first week in office: (Drum roll..)

#10-Rip that urinal OUT of the private oval office bathroom.

#9-Trash those funny smelling cigars on the coffee table.

#8-Sign into law new tax shelters for QVC shoppers.

#7-Note to Bill that he must get those late night pizzas here in 10 minutes or less!

#6-Shopping and cosmos' with VP Pelosi

#5-Note to Bill to run Condeleeza's severance check over to her house.

#4-Remind Bill to NOT get anything on her.

#3-Give Dick Cheney his hunting rifle back (unloaded)..need closet space for shoes.

#2-Gas prices? What gas prices! The helicopter picks me up in the back yard!

And the #1 priority first week in: BRING HOME all the troops..SEND adulters, sex offenders and those guys that screwed up Walter Reed in their place!