Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bush on Pelosi

Has President Bush loss total control? A woman is stepping over the COMMANDER and initiating peaces talks with Syria! What's next? This never happened on the West Wing!
Is she really initiating a sneak attack(exploratory look)Hillary side step and a run on the 2008 ticket?? What if SHE causes PEACE? Will the Prez need to resort to extreme political measures to restore the strife and mayhem we americans are used to? Does she know the snake pit she's stepping into with the henchmen who don't want peace? This is about politics and money and deals. War is money. War is about deals and money and "the game." Washington LOVES "the game"! At the expense of us!Maybe there's money to be made in the "peace" game? Would we trade flex and ego for peace? I DON'T see it. Maybe we should look into it!


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