Monday, February 19, 2007

Enacted: NJ Gay civil unions

It would seem more practical for hetero's to follow the "gay way!" We could eliminate lawyers and their astronomical fees if we didn't have to divide stuff up. Why do gays want to be like hetero couples?? It's not all peaches and cream on our side! Divorce rates 50%. Domestic abuse. Child abuse. They should just keep on like boyfriend/girlfriend with no rights. It's CHEAPER for one. Society will NEVER accept the gay lifestyle anyway so you'll be discrimated against with higher fees by lawyers and counselors. Gay civil unions will NEVER be accepted "psychologically" by judges and prosecutors and educators and politicians and clergy and anyone brought into such a case.
It's 2007 and our society is at peak nastiness! Regular society will revolt on gays with the same civil rights. There will be new forms of violence. Children of gays will be vulnerable and face long term emotional distress. I think New Jersey just screwed up!


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