Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anna Nicole 2

I am S-O-O-O-O SICK of the Anna Nicole Smith coverage! I realize it's February Sweeps month for network TV shows but the Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood coverage is overblown and tacky. Now the headline is the "day after" burglary of ALL Anna Nicole's posessions leaving Howard K zero memories. (Obviously didn't have the Sloman Shield). Talk about home invasion, what about the cameras from this show(s) on location in the Bahamas. There's absolutely NO difference between the indigity for human life/privacy and mourning that gossip cameras are creating than people stealing her stuff for profit. SAME THING!Why can't we move on to the next drama. Surely there's someone "living" who's staggering around, incoherent and conceiving kids by Zsa Zsa's 77 year old studley hubby!?!!?!? HELP!We need a new train wreck! I promise, I'll slow down to watch!


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