Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hillary rakes it in..

It's what's wrong with our police state and it's why everyone "outside our walls" hates us!
Hillary Clinton, it has been announced has just shattered all previous presidential fund raising records. She has raked in $26 million dollars including $3 mill off the internet in the first 3 months of 2007. Clinton, embarassed and humiliated by the future first hubby in 1998 appears to be on a fast track for paybacks. Her fundraising prowess is sending a message to all "comers", no NOT you Monica--challengers to the oval office class of 2008!

It would appear that nobody could screw up the country more than the guy who's in there now but in case the "ice queen" can sail through to the big chair, this would be my Top 10 list for her first week in office: (Drum roll..)

#10-Rip that urinal OUT of the private oval office bathroom.

#9-Trash those funny smelling cigars on the coffee table.

#8-Sign into law new tax shelters for QVC shoppers.

#7-Note to Bill that he must get those late night pizzas here in 10 minutes or less!

#6-Shopping and cosmos' with VP Pelosi

#5-Note to Bill to run Condeleeza's severance check over to her house.

#4-Remind Bill to NOT get anything on her.

#3-Give Dick Cheney his hunting rifle back (unloaded)..need closet space for shoes.

#2-Gas prices? What gas prices! The helicopter picks me up in the back yard!

And the #1 priority first week in: BRING HOME all the troops..SEND adulters, sex offenders and those guys that screwed up Walter Reed in their place!


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