Saturday, February 14, 2015

2/13/15: GET THE LED OUT!


Just when you thought a dead of February, bone-chilling 11 degree night in the less than bustling metropolis of Vineland, New Jersey couldn't get any lonelier..A RoCK N Roll band of great skill and familiar repertoire rode into town: GET THE LED OUT!

A band of traveling gypsies from nearby Philadelphia, normal guys actually who just love the music of Led Zeppelin and possessing great skill performing it, GTLO rocked a packed house at the newly opened Landis Theater in Vineland.

From the opening statement of The Immigrant Song to great renditions of classic staples like Going To California, Kashmir and All Of My Love, the band sounded nothing short of a breathtaking time warp to 1975!

"Led" by the high powered vocal prowess of front man Paul Sinclair who resembled more a young, bad boy Jim Morrison, the band brought intense emotion to a filled auditorium and to all our delight. Paul's stage presence was very convincing and powerful as we watched in awe of songs that have been heard for 40 plus years and given a present day flair! A++

Songs that I have favored and heard on the radio for decades brought new chills. Favorites like In The Evening, In My Time Of Dying and When The Levee Breaks were dead-on performances! A++

Moby Dick: Talk about a mesmerized sold out audience! Drummer Adam Ferraioli had jaws dropping for his "jet engine power" and natural beat in this infamous John Bonzo Bonham work of art solo. Ferraioli, a veteran player with previous success in Philly based rockers, "Britney Fox" and "Tangier" brought the original power of Bonzo' to life one more time. There is nothing like hearing Moby Dick live performed by a top notch player! WOW! A++++

The Players:  Paul Sinclair, Andrew Lipke, Jimmy Marchiano, Adam Ferraioli, Billy Childs, Paul Hammond
The real deal. Passionate, Prideful, Powerful. Truth be told, while surviving Led Zeppelin originals have resisted a revival and reunion, fans may prefer the early youthful Led Zeppelin as heard in their prime. 
GET THE LED OUT does this. They hit every note and brought it home, making all of us feel as youthful as our days with the albums. A+++

ENCORE: TOP notch. When The Levee Breaks, Stairway To Heaven and a RoCKIN' close with A Whole Lotta Love! A minor snafu during Stairway' was an in house fire alarm which brought the authorities to the house. An apparent stage effect or smoke machine had set off the sensors but the band did not miss a beat. As some audience members were instructed to exit the auditorium, the band did not miss a beat. Stairway To Heaven sounded better than the original recording. A+   

AUDIENCE: Fans from 17 to 70, wearing various threads from Get The Led Out to the original quartet, enjoyed a great night in the time machine! An appreciative crowd, knowledgeable of the songs and history were captivated.  The players delivered. A crowd always buys into the passion. The passion drove my time machine at warp speed! The Good news: The band will be back live on stage in South Jersey soon!

April 10th-11th: The Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood   




At 10:12 PM, Blogger Joe Gruss said...

Great review of a great band.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Joseph Goldberg said...

GTLO Always kicks ass!!

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Joseph Goldberg said...

GTLO Always kicks ass!!


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