Saturday, April 07, 2007

BUSH-wacked again!

Tough week for the Prez! First, his forehead is "stiletto-heeled" by Nancy Polosi. Polosi is convinced peace process can be attained by establishing mid east dialog and communication! It's a different theory than we power-wielding Americans are used to AND now...

Bush announces his illegal immigrant proposal for citizenship. He proposes they can come here for a period then return to their homeland and pay an exorbitant tax for the right to be a US citizen.

A major Mexicali outrage has ensued AND a rally of angry immigrants is set for Los Angeles.

OK, Washington, here's my plan again: Construct mega Welcome centers along key border patrol points. Set up those big lines of velvet ropes like you see when arriving at ports for your cruise. Maybe a cool food court (taco bell?) and a picture guy to snap the family against a Statue of liberty backdrop (They use palm trees and mickey mouse for cruise tourists). Then..
sign all males 18 and over for mandatory military duty in Iraq. Train em', Send em' and IF they make it back after a designated tour of duty they and family have earned U.S. citizenship. We need to embrace foreigners as friends who want what we have. The American way is to shut anyone different o-u-t. They serve-They deserve'.. Any foreigner wanting to be "us" should have the opportunity to be one of us! We can then over tax the hell out of them legitimately. They'll endure outrageous property-school-FICA taxes and see what freedom is all about LOL!


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