Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DAMON leaves the nation

Did you feel it????

I heard it over the radio on a far away AM signal at 4:50am. Cruisin' up the parkway for another day on the ZXL Morning Show I felt a dull stab in my stomach as the Yankees land Johnny Damon. He'll replace the legend Bernie Williams as the everyday CF. The SOX blew the negotiations by holding firm on a 4 year/ $40 million offer. Who can live on THAT?!@!?!!?#!!???

The SOX also leaked the fact they were searching for a new "Damon". Prediction> They will approach and negotiate in the end with Indians star Coco Crisp. He's young and fast and could be an awesome addition/replacement. They might even name a breakfast cereal after him.

Yankees 2006: They have NO pitchers under 60 years old! The SOX have Beckett! DAMON will be a slow go'
out of the box and feel the wrath of fans and media. SOX will compete in the East. Better pitching overall.
Damon will have to shave and get off the juice. George needs pitching. Will Rocket sign back up?? He's 62?


At 5:02 PM, Blogger champiod said...

The rumor mill has it that the Phillies ,Red Soxs and Orioles may be involved in a three way trade.
Manny Ramirez going to Baltimore and Matt Clement going to Philly.
Philly sending Abreu and Rollins to Boston, and Baltimore sending Tejeda to Philly. Sounds interesting but most likely nothing will happen


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