Saturday, December 17, 2005

2005: About the people!

Another great Bike Bash Party Wednesday night! Some great names were in attendance including John Dudar from May Landing, Kathy Fine and Darla Ford from Seaville, Mr. & Mrs. Ken Winner, The Mahogany Crew, Patty Bennett, Norman Courson and the big Harley winner Bill KITA! He'a a cop! Now I'm golden with that rediculous open container law! Did I spell rediculous correctly? Hey, I sounded it out!?

Other VIP names of 2005:

Dan the deer camp cook: Brought us a huge vat of homemade venison stew! It was awesome. Very tender. It tasted nothing like bambi. More like steak. The vegan princess doesn't know what he's missing. Thanks Dan!

Kathy Smith: She has to LIVE with Tom! She made the most incredible batch of XMAS cookies I've ever eaten.
I killed half the bag on my way home down the parkway. The cop would never have noticed had I not took a swill from my bottle of merlot to wash em' down. That open container law again. Where was our Bike Bash winner when I needed him! Thanks again Kathy for the nice gift. You can keep the T-Bone.

Sgt. Kilroy Jr. Home for the holidays! Enjoy the light display and your close family AND thanks dad for the mention in your front page PRESS of Atlantic City feature story!

More VIP' names coming down the blog this week as we approch 2006.


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