Saturday, December 24, 2005

The real meaning

This time of year especially, radio stations begin to hear from all "the have NOTS.." The holiday season is prime for "fruitcakes" coming out of the woodwork. Recently, we encountered a prize winner who made a very short special trip into the station to pick up his FREE T-Shirt. He ranted and raved about a Bike Bash key he NEVER won and bitched about something FREE. He said he made a special trip to pick up a crappy T-shirt and other things he doesn't need? I did mention the prizes are FREE at WZXL right???!#??
This week another listener was upset not to win Bon Jovi tickets. Then to make a special call later to wish us a Merry Christmas and that he won his tickets on another radio station.." so thanks alot" were the words. I really don't know what drives people to be miserable when it's so easy to be happy?

Consider: Just six days ago Colts coach Tony Dungy was look pretty close to perfect! His team was undefeated and closing in on a 33 year record (72' Dolphins). Then his team lost it's first game. Then the dreaded phone call. His 18 year old son was found dead. To deepen the knife in his gut it's been ruled an apparent suicide. Nice season, Worse Christmas ever. Or how about kissing the kids goodnight 2 weeks before Christmas as the stockings are hung and gifts lie unwrapped under the tree. You go to bed and a few hours later some depressed drunk guy plows through your house, killing you as you sleep at 4:30am! Or innocently buying movie passes for your children at 11:30am and being shot in the head at close range for no reason at all??!

There are many more stories but my typing finger is getting tired. I just know I would be greatful for a FREE anything but most of all THANKFUL for the real meaning of health and true happiness 365 days a year! Here, have a FREE Hooters calendar..


At 4:34 AM, Blogger dave said...

your so right weshold be happy and thankful for what we have and not what we don't have or did not winthingscould be a lot worsewe live in a great country with alot of freedom others don't have maybe some of these people who are complaining should go live in some of the other countries around the world.


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