Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jimi Hendrix Experience Tribute concert 11/13

KENNY Wayne Shepherd stole the show at the Jimi Hendrix Experience Tribute concert Saturday night at Caesars! KWS, one of several big name axmen in the 2010 lineup, engaged the audience with a blistering 12-15 minute version of the Hendrix classic Voodoo Chile. Making it extra special is the guitar he was jamming on(ABOVE)..It was the original Stratocaster used by Hendrix himself on stage at Woodstock, 1969 to play the Star Spangled Banner! On this night, Kenny and his longtime lead vocalist, Noah Hunt provided the fireworks and chills! Corey Glover and Living Colour came out rockin' with Crosstown Traffic. Glover himself came into the audience with the cordless microphone to engage us AND it was spectacular! Original Jimi Hendrix bassist Billy Cox opened the show with a very cool version of STONE FREE, one of my all time favorites! He was cool on bass and was a powerful vocalist. Hendrix protege' from the early 60's, Ernie Isley opened with Cox. He would tell the story that as an 11 year old kid, Jimi came to live with his family. As young Ernie was studying social studies for his homework one night in his bedroom, he heard his first ever guitar riff coming from the dining room, only a few feet away. "Let's just say I learned some things," he would tell us. He provided some high-powered, over the shoulder, behind the back and down by his knees Hendrix theatrics. WOW!

The Concert Review:

The songs-the tribute: A
Song selection: A
Best Performer (guitar): Kenny Wayne Shepherd A++
Honorable mention: Jonny Lang A+
Best vocal: Noah Hunt (KWS Shepherd Band) A
Best Showmanship: Corey Glover A+
Best song version: All Along The Watchtower B+
Favorite moment: When Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) was introduced*
Favorite Whitford contribution: RED HOUSE! (My all-time favorite JH tune)**
Biggest disappointment: They did NOT include Purple Haze and Foxy Lady on the playlist: F
Nice touch: Hendrix bassist Billy Cox in the lobby talking it up with us before show: A

Atlantic City audience: Less than capacity but vocal, room to move and very appreciative: B

Overall Grade: B+

Next Event: HBO's Bill Maher 11/20* FREE tix on
-air this week!


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