Friday, September 24, 2010

New CLAPTON September 28th

..There's a medical condition called Narcolepsy. It's a condition characterized my bouts of extreme fatigue. This latest release by the FENDER-MASTER "Clapton" should NOT be used as a remedy for a sudden bout especially while driving. As I sampled the latest offering from this Rock icon, I found NO Rock? I love blues cuts and riffs that this man is capable of and found none. If a record company had to offer up a track for radio airplay to sell the new release, I'd go with Track #1: Travelin' Alone or Track #14: Autumn Leaves, by far, the only offerings that resemble "songs." Tracks 2-13 to my ear sound like studio sessions and pieces of music being worked on. GOOD Luck with it and please, not while driving or operating heavy machinery!


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