Friday, September 17, 2010

Just me & The Cats!

Just me & the cats on a Friday night: What to do?
Review my personal copy of THE STONES IN EXILE, a remastered DVD of the 1974 Rocumentary. WZXL hosted the one-time big screen release on Thursday September 16th (last night). My ALL-TIME favorite STONES album since I bought the vinyl copy in 1972, this film includes original home movies of the families of the musicians and the overview of the band's exile to the south of France due to a 93% income tax rate in Britain. Babes on the beach, Keith and son Marlon going to the beach in full incognito since nobody in France had ever heard of The ROLLING STONES!!???? Original still shots of the band including producers and photographers and interviews of the players involved made for an awesome narrative! The songs: ALL DOWN THE LINE, ROCKS OFF, TUMBLING DICE, HAPPY, SOUL SURVIVOR and the rest are timeless and on my all time personal hit list forever!
5-****** (star)*

Musicians and/or Stones fans MUST buy


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