Sunday, October 03, 2010

Blue Oyster Cult 10-2-10

..The classic sound of BLUE OYSTER CULT Rocked 100.7 ZXL's Rocktoberfest celebration at the House of Blues, Atlantic City! While the band exploded on the international music scene in 1976 it's amazing that some 34 years later they sound just like "the record!" Frontman and founding leader/songwriter, Eric Bloom (above), was powerful on lead and it was a thrill to actually stand with him off stage right watching the opening act, LIT. Oh, and I whipped out my (phone) camera, held it up and said "smile"(see, he actually did)! Both bands were great, I LOVED being out there on that stage myself to introduce one of my school year heroes and eating alot of their backstage spread, while they were busy rockin' the house on stage! The best experience was riding the escalator down with ZXL contest winners who LOVED the show!
Yes, I played the grooves off Don't Fear The Reaper in high school (grooves as in sound lines on vinyl records if you remember those), AND loved the live show that sounded exactly the same. Thanks to my buddy, stage manager Dave for wiring up my mike and taking care of me as usual and for the nice "hang" with a solid bunch of musicians, true professionals! A GREAT way to spend a Saturday night..


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