Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tony Kornheiser apology MNF

AMERICA sucks! Period.

A Politically incorrect statement on Monday night football prompted an on-air apology from announcer Tony Kornheiser. It went right over my head! Who invented political incorrectness anyway?! A replay of T.O's first touchdown catch in Dallas Monday night featured the Spanish broadcast team calling the play AND TK made acomment about what he thought was said. He took spanish for God's sake..Let him theorize. Who cares if the spanish broadcast team complained. It probably went over everyones head. WHY is America so paranoid?? They can come out with a movie "White Men Can't Jump" (Woody Harrelson 1989). Where's equal time on the complaint line. I want an apology from that movie studio whoever it was and whomever wrote that movie! I've never been the same. I once knew this Philly area bar band "The Flamin' Caucasians!" What DID they mean by that! I'm a caucasian and I'm not Flamin!!$#%@!~ I know lots of caucasians who aren't "flamin' What are they trying to say???? On behalf of flamin' caucasians everywhere who are not flamin' I demand an apology! "What? Oh really..That band was a bunch of married white guys???? Oh well.


At 11:12 AM, Blogger Hollis said...

Well to be fair TK was not trying to accurately interpret Spanish - he was attempting a joke.

So what, he said something dumb, and apologized, no punishment necessary. But they should fire him for being bad at his job.

Kornheiser/PTI parody: http://tinyurl.com/5zrt8n


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