Friday, November 30, 2007

O.J.: "I should've killed Fred Goldman"

World renowned death opportunist, FRED GOLDMAN is suing a foreign website for providing free downloads of OJ's book: "IF I DID IT." Goldman says he has lost upwards to $150,000 dollars as the result of these downloads. Operators of the website basically responded to Goldman LLC as not being subject to US laws so piss off mister opportunist!" The Goldman family won 33 mill in the civil suit after OJ was aquitted on the murder charges. Interest on that judgement is up to 39 million already and the Goldmans have book rights on IF I DID IT'. With today's internet technology, free downloads and free access to anything, Fred Goldman should give it up. Be glad that OJ's under the judicial microscope 24/7 and has no life period. There is victory out there if FRED would stand back from the glow of worldly gain. OJ is imprisoned in our society. He pays the price every day. His fender benders result in CNN late breaking NEWS. Every move is reflected on Nancy Grace and court TV. It's over. MOVE on!


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