Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Campaign Flyers DON'T WORK!

I think there is a local election coming up. I see those annoying roadside placards displaying candidates AND now junk mail from the candidates. I see the faces on the colorful vote for me' cards and I continue to walk em' directly from the mailbox to recycler can in the back of the house. I don't know what a "freeholder" or township committee does. One thing they don't do is control property tax hikes. There is NOT one candidate who can effect change. In my opinion there is NOT one candidate who wants to serve anything. It's all about being a celebrity. The power of celebrity is intoxicating for anyone who wants to separate themselves from the work-a-day working stiff routine. Getting back to accomplishments, who wants to do anything. The power of celebrity is doing less. Avoiding a parking ticket or getting out of a speeding ticket because of celebrity status or a narcissistic self-serving campaign fundraising party is the real deal! I was speaking to a friend running for a local freeholder position. He is being harrassed by his campaign manager to mud sling his way ruthlessly to victory. My friend, to his credit is resisting. Listen my friend, it's about self-serving NOT public service. Am I alone on this?


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