Friday, December 14, 2007

MLB Steroids Report

C'mon now! If there was a pill or cream ANYWHERE to make the average athlete GREAT wouldn't we all be taking it for a shot at the big $$$$$$$$? Babe Ruth had his bourbon and smokes..Wilt Chamberlain had his hookers..Even Jerry Garcia had his acid for peak performance..OK so they're all dead..bad examples..Just let these guys rise to the level of the greatness that is expected of them for the outrageous $$ they're being paid. This will never stop. It may recede according to media exposure and testing but ultimately cheaters will infiltrate the game. That's life. Tell a cheater he can't do something and he'll find a way. If they want to eliminate performance enhancing substances maybe there should be a return to ordinary worker guy salaries like the old days of Willie Mays, Frank Robinson and whoever else you could name from the earlier eras. Players with money pressures like the rest of society will value their jobs more and be more under control to live their lives accordingly. The $$$ is out of control and no one is held accountable for daily living like the rest of us. Roger Clemens is a hall of fame level player as is Barry Bonds. NO asterisks**Let them be above the law, that's what we're paying for.


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