Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics are STUPID!

Korean Handball? Who cares! NBA Superstars playing for the GOLD???? I thought the Olympics was a world showcase of the greatest amateur athletes? Lets face it, short attention theatre americans like drama. Tourists killed by Chinese assailant. THAT's a story. Obviously the victims weren't on the Twa Kwando team. They could've defeated their attacker AND maybe given a medal by Prez Bush for representing our country in heroic fashion. THE OLYMPICS are stupid. If they're going to waste coverage, how about activities we would actually watch: Terrorism Paint Ball=Set up a battle ground with teams competing. Real to life gear, transport, even avoiding "paint IED's" would give us a greater understanding of our real life heroes. AND we would tune in! Here's one: Celebrity scandal. Tabloid athletes compete for stories, tabloid photos and the dirt on the celebs we care about. High speed celeb chases and power paparazzi ambushes of celebs would be included AND we would watch. Forget all the queer gymnastics and swimming that we can all do at home. NOTHING SPECIAL. We want drama and advertisers WANT viewers! Make the Olympics special or put em on Versus (net).


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