Friday, January 09, 2009

Divisional Weekend Week 18

Eagles over Giants 31-28 or 31-21 (I've got $$ on both scores)*

Steelers my lone team left..Beat SD! (8-8??) Pats were 11-5, better match up!

My Super Bowl victory: Colts outta' there! 11-5 Dolphins g-o-n-e! (Pats should have been there)

Next week on the job: Can't wait to meet the Phillies and touch the World Series Trophy at Chickie's and Pete's (Limited seating available for fans and 484-8444 ext 317)*

Sox sign: John Smoltz, Brad Penny and homeboy Rocco Baldelli (from Woonsocket R.I.) I believe his father or uncle was mayor when I lived there?? Hopefully he won't fall asleep in right field. Can they hold off the Yankees with these retreads? or Tampa Bay..


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