Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alice Cooper WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE Review

Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare

Some guys are just born to do this stuff AND not to forget I bought all his vinyl when it first came out, so here are my thoughts on the Sequel:

I Am Made of You-Great theatrical open to the story. Great musicianship and vocals, piano very cool, it sets a great tempo. sweet guitar.

Caffeine-Rockin' tempo! Great Alice Vocals; to my ear it's Under My Wheels 2011

The Nightmare Returns-Another Ezrin conceptual WALL-type inspired gem*

A Runaway Train-Rocker! GREAT Alice Vocals;

Congregation-ROCKS! Vocals tight* Guitars great;

I'll Bite Your Face Off-My personal favorite! ROCKS! I played the grooves off Billion Dollar Babies cut back in the day; listen for the similarities in melody, tempo and vocals--It's Billion Dollar Babies 2011

Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever-Do NOT like the rap or the lyrics; captured that original disco synthesizer to open though---But NO;

Ghouls Gone Wild-F***N Love it! Reminds me melody-wise of The WHO Summertime Blues!

Something To Remember Me By-Do NOT prefer ballad-type songs-Did NOT favor Only Women Bleed back in the day.

When Hell Comes Home-Reminiscent of Welcome To My Nightmare song for me..

What Baby Wants-GREAT tempo; ROCKIN'

I Gotta Get Out of Here-Cool guitar action provides nice tempo. lyrics a little too "pop-py" for my ear. Gotta-Gotta-Gotta-Gotta' chorus doesn't reflect Alice's patented legendary rockin edgy vocal style to my ear.

The Underture-GREAT musicianship, very ethereal and tempo driven at the same time!

Summary: BUY it..GREAT drivin' CD for a daily commute***Roger Waters is performing the Wall' with much success, COULD Alice Cooper do the same on a dedicated tour of The Nightmare' Trilogy? I really think so.


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