Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jason Bonham Review 5/6


An absolute ROCKIN' experience for me, for sure!

Opened with Rock N' Roll! Closed with Kashmir! WOW!

Lots of vintage Zeppelin selections! Deep cuts--Long cuts!

By the magic of 2011 technology: A drum solo duet between Bonhams, father & son! (Moby Dick)*

GREAT big screen home movie presentation featuring a young "Bonzo"and even younger Jason growing up Zeppelin! Rare family home movies narrated by Jason center stage!

Awesome Large screen effects of psychedelia and colors depending on the album and or cut featured!

The band was absolutely tight and the lead guitarist looked like a late 1960's era Jimmy Page!

GREAT lead vocalist! Intimate venue/The Music Box! TOTALLY enjoyable!

Showcased the legendary songwriting skills of the original Zeppelin players!

I REALLY felt like I was taken back in a Zeppelin time machine! It was like watching the LED ZEPPELIN in concert 1971..LOVED it! I would GO again! A


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