Wednesday, May 04, 2011

NEW Stevie Nicks release REVIEW

IN YOUR DREAMS: Release Date 5/3/11

I'm trying REALLY hard to like this....but.......

Very down, storytelling and melodic

Track 3: In Your Dreams sounds MOST like Fleetwood Mac (Gypsy)*

Track 6: Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream); best showcases her signature Stevie vocal tones.

Track 10: a ROCKER! My favorite>Ghosts Are Gone! Has a plugged in guitar in it!!!!!

Track 13: Cheaper Than Free (a duet w/Dave Stewart)>a country' twang in there???? Maybe she'll get airplay on those stations?

Producers: Top of the line** Dave Stewart (Eurythmics fame), Mike Campbell (one of Tom Petty's longtime Heartbreakers) and Glen Ballard..(anyone remember his 80's smash On The Rebound)? I will ALWAYS LOVE Stevie although her sound isn't electric enough for me.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is the best album of hers in years. And I do not have any blind faith when it comes to Nicks. New Orleans, Annabel Lee, Secret Love, Moonlight, Ghosts Are Gone should all be huge hits if the powers that be promote them


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