Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks Review 4/5 Phila.

Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks Wells Fargo Center, Phila.

Stevie Nicks(open): Beautiful, graceful, fluttering! A

Songs: Great variety of solo/Fleetwood Mac: A

Encore: A Love Ballad? Should have gone out on a high note i.e. the explosive Edge of Seventeen: D-

Participation/Duets w/Rod: Looked intimidated and overpowered by younger backup singers in Stewart's act: C-

Appearance: Youthful, limber: B
Energy: Appeared tired at times needing a breather* B
Song Selection: A
Bonus: NO queer 40's 50's standards! Bonus covers; added Motown, CHUCK BERRY! B

Interaction: Spoke to crowd: B

Crowd response: GREAT interplay with the hits! B

Stage: GREAT use of graphics; pictures: A
Band: Accomplished, youthful, energetic: A

WZXL valued Listeners Club: one Facebooked' the show and said I walked right past them..they did not speak up: Boooo! never bothered* D

Sat with others AND keeping tabs on the Phillies score across the street: B+

Stevie Nicks (solo) concert upcoming at Borgata/Atlantic City 5/6/11: Worth the price! A
Overall: B+


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