Thursday, January 20, 2011

CNN: Most popular poll

HA! The people have spoken..CNN reports in the latest Presidential Poll: JFK is the most popular president of all time. AND..these "same people" have voted Bill Clinton as surpassing Ronald Reagan in popularity for the first time. WHO are these people AND why don't I ever get asked? Like every other survey I never hear that's out there?? Let's see: JFK: A simpler time; lots of grainy black and white film coverage to make him "more enjoyable and positive" AND..that parade..Ah the sympathy vote before the golden boy could actually accomplish anything in office. Don't quite know how Slick Willie's marriage is to a world figure or his sex life with her BUT Billy is a ROCK STAR! Heck, Obama allowed him to take the podium in the press room recently while Mr. President looked at his watch and said he was late picking up the first lady!#!^*#! Un-bul-eevable stuff on a slow news day, obviously!


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