Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rolling Stones LIVE in Texas review*

Eagle Rock Entertainment Presents: The Rolling Stones-SOME Girls LIVE in Texas-1978 nationwide for one showing ROCKtober 18th: 100.7 ZXL and resident STONES junkie within, Steve Raymond hosted the local event..

Song selection: B
Energy: A+
The BAND: In 1978, The Rolling Stones were a record-selling band needing to be on top of their game and selling the newest release SOME GIRLS! Mostly cuts from Some Girls, the album and a short sprinkling of classic hits* (see set list below on link)* NO Lisa Fischer for powerful vampy vocals..NO Bobby Keys on rockin' sax/NO horn section: B-

Entertainment gimmicks: NO backstage shots, audience shots TOO dark to fire up viewers, alittle too much Mick/Ronnie Wood homo exchanges-(simulated kisses, grotch grab, dry humping each other): D-

Setlist: (scroll down after clicking link): A

Chuck Berry selections showing Blues roots: A

Summary: Prefer the Oldies' show from my boys' in present day! Gimme Shelter w/Lisa Fischer; Brown Sugar featuring Bobby Keys; Honky Tonk Women featuring Honky tonk piano by Chuck Leavelle! They are fuller-bodied musicians, present day vs. "top of their game" record selling era*




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