Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paul McCartney-NEW

The FIRST collection of new songs by Sir Paul McCartney in 6 years is signed, sealed and in the can for retail delivery!  RELEASE DATE: Tuesday ROCKTOBER 15TH* (Now in stores)!


The lead track is QUEENIE EYE-Had it been released 45 years ago, (1968), it most certainly would have been an album track on Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band album. The song is very Beatlesque with the unmistakable vocal tones of Sir Paul.  A

Cut #1 is a ROCKIN' up tempo track called SAVE US! My favorite selection with my guitar driven ear! B+

Track #6 NEW, the title track of this new collection of solo songs, is also 1960's Beatlesque with a Penny Lane flavor. B

Mysterious Track #13 How Much You Mean, from the new CD, showing only 12 cuts, brings out those familiar Let It Be piano keys. Sir Paul's legendary vocal tones reflect the man's sensitivity and vulnerability, every man's vulnerability verbalizing the words I LOVE YOU. Paul sings out a man who has experienced victory and crushing defeat in the romance department. The humanness of a music legend is clearly reflected here. Paul shows us the regular guy that he is in this thoughtful composition. B

Producers: Giles MARTIN, the son of legendary BEATLES producer George Martin, Mark Ronson an established mixer (who DJ'd Paul's recent wedding reception into the joyous wee hours a few months back). Ronson's resume boasts work with Amy Winehouse and other big time artists and Ethan Johns, the son of longtime Beatles and Wings collaborator Glyn Johns. Each producer was hired to work with McCartney compositions according to their own styles. Johns for example was best suited to guide Sir Paul with his acoustic songs.  
Overview: At age 71, Paul McCartney still maintains a vocal power and presence. He loves to write, record and play music. He has not faded. He continues to be a force in Rock N Roll. You are NEVER to old to Rock N Roll and Paul promises never to retire from the fun he is having.

Paul's closing line in his album credits: "We put a lot of energy and effort into making this album. Hard work? NO, not AT ALL. We don't work music, we play it!" Cheers to you, Love Paul"

We are thankful for his efforts!       A


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