Tuesday, July 09, 2013

NEW Release: BUDDY GUY! Rhythm & Blues'

Buddy Guy-Rhythm & Blues 7/9/13

Legendary Bluesman Buddy Guy is back with a two disc CD set. Disc One entitled RHYTHM engages a brass sound with an accomplished horn section to compliment the riffing guitar! Buddy enlists friends on disc One including KID Rock on cut 4, Messin' With The Kid. It is a jamming effort with Michigan's favorite rebel son' sharing the vocals.
Cut 6, One Day Away, is slow with a country flavor featuring genre superstar KEITH Urban. This song is not one of my favorites.

I favor toe-tapping, air-guitar riffing Blues and cut 7 answers the call. Well I Done Got Over reminds me of a big orchestral blues arrangement fronted by Jake and Elwood Blues on stage in the famous movie. This track features a rockin' blues guitar with a high-powered horn section!

Cut 10: Whiskey Ghost is a very cool, howling and seductive effort on behalf of the bluesman! LOVE the feel and the raw emotion from the vocals coming from this one! 


Disc Two is my runaway favorite of this release! Entitled BLUES, The legend enlists more friends and starts shredding away to the delight of his listeners.

Cut 2: Too Damn Bad, sings of a relationship gone bad AND(singing) he'd like to help her" BUT too damn Bad!"
LOVE the feel of this Rockin' groovin' Blues!

Cut 3: Evil Twin features Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Guy and Tyler share vocals and the guitar action is second to none! GREAT effort on this slower yet vampy, cool number.

Cut 5: Never Gonna Change. My absolute favorite selection on disc 2. I LOVE the honky tonk' tempo and feel. The play between keyboard and guitar makes this baby sing to my inner self for sure! 

Cut 8: Blues Don't Care. Rising star Gary Clark Jr., a recent guest of the Rolling Stones on stage in Boston helped bring this toe-tapper home. The song features a great tempo and the back and forth vocals between Guy and Junior was appealing. A cool song.

Cut 9: I Came Up Hard. My second favorite track on disc 2. Very Bluesy telling the life story of the writer as the Blues is supposed to do. BUDDY grew up hard. He came from "nuthin" and he transfers the exact mood and feel of those experiences to the listener in song. Great licks on this cut which no doubt make my air guitar arms tired!


Summary: Whether air-guitar or drivin' fast somewhere, anywhere..Rhythm And Blues by Buddy Guy is a keeper!
Time to crank it on my way home, just Buddy and me and my funny looking air guitar steering wheel..


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