Thursday, January 31, 2013


I absa-FREEKIN' lootly' LoVE it when a BLUES CD is sent to me unsolicited here at the radio station!. It's actually reason number 4,009 WHY I LOVE my job..DRINK, DRANK, DRUNK does NOT describe my condition OR my lifestyle. It is the new CD release from two guys who call themselves Andy T-Nick NIXON bAND!  WOW! Amazing stuff! My choice cuts include:Drink, Drank Drunk (title track), NO Use Knockin' and my RoCKIN' blues favorite called Have You Seen My Monkey!" I gotta learn how to podcast. I WANT my own Blues Show in addition to my regular daily show on 100.7 ZXL. Anyway, I am excited to fire this up on great speakers at work and in the car! Rock on.............................


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