Friday, November 13, 2009

Pirate RADIO hits the big screen!

..Radio done the right way! During the 1960's a series of Pirate radio broadcasts would hit the free airways to reflect what young people wanted to hear..

With the British pop explosion picking up steam with The Beatles and Rolling Stones taking center stage, a group of renegade DJ's decided to break away from the strict policies of licensed British broadcast standards and go out on the high seas to rock!

Radio Caroline and sister ships would move off into international waters, seemingly away from the stogy regulators to capture a huge audience and break out a new pop culture. Like anything fun, authorities will see it as a threat and plan an attack to maintain control of the status Quo.
The motion picture PIRATE RADIO represents such a battle against the establishment. To my best assessment, sister ship Ross Revenge was portrayed in the movie as Radio Rock. It would be torpedoed in 1967. Radio Caroline would continue the renegade tradition until November, 1990 when it too would meet it's untimely demise. Other great ships like LAZER 558 would rock the high seas during the 80's and 90's. Good movie! GREAT Soundtrack! I LOVE what I do comes through loud and clear through the characters and events in this flick! I'm lucky I don't ever have to grow up AND can ROCK for a living. I could identify and reflect on my time with this outdated studio equipment, microphones, groupie chicks who didn't care what you looked like and real vinyl records! WOW! Remember them..


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